Middle East Crisis

28% of the Lebanese population already live below the poverty line. The arrival of Syrian refugees on a vast scale has severely burdened the already strained public infrastructure.

Tearfund work with a number of partners in the region to respond to the crisis. Heart for Lebanon’s desire is to serve those who have been marginalized and rejected, they seek to build deep relationships with the families and people they serve.

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Why we're working there

In March 2011, civil unrest broke out in Syria. Since then, families have been fleeing to neighbouring countries and Lebanon has received 1.2 million Syrian refugees. The arrival of refugees on a vast scale has burdened the already strained public infrastructure and has also led to increased prices in markets.

Despite the conflict heading towards a eighth year, the context means that humanitarian and relief interventions remain essential for survival.

The aims of the project

Many families fled to Lebanon with few or no possessions, ill-equipped to survive the winter months. This is made worse by the living conditions they are experiencing, finding shelter in run-down apartments and empty warehouses. Families are left open to risks of hypothermia, pneumonia, and other illnesses that spread during the winter.

To help these families during the harsh winter conditions in Lebanon, winter provisions are given including: blankets, mattresses, socks, mittens, hats, and scarves and in some cases rugs and heaters.

As well as providing much needed food supplies, Heart for Lebanon are providing Health Education Sessions to children and their parents, addressing the very real need of the entire family to become more educated about their personal health.

These families, whether living in the camps or in run-down apartments, have little access to clean water for washing or for drinking, often with upwards of 14 individuals living in the same close quarters. With these factors alone, the risk of spreading illness and disease is extremely high. Children and their families will be provided with the knowledge and tools to care for themselves and prevent the transmission of diseases.

Project impact

Heart for Lebanon’s desire is to serve those who have been marginalized and rejected. They believe transformation is a process and not an event. Therefore, they seek build deep relationships with the families and people they serve.

Heart for Lebanon is a faith-based holistic ministry that uses relief as the first step in the process of transforming an individual and their community.

The families being helped by Heart for Lebanon are Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. These families come from Christian or Muslim backgrounds and an assessment has identified them as being in the greatest need.

All the food & supplies that are given through Heart for Lebanon’s work are purchased locally in Beirut from wholesale suppliers which helps keeps costs down and invests in the country’s fragile economy.

Abu Hussein lives in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, in a tent that has been his family's home for two years. Home used to be a place called Homs. But home is a long way away and a distant memory, now overlaid with the loss and trauma they suffered there.




We would like to direct your funding to support Heart for Lebanon’s work and also some other partners who are working in the Middle East that we are not able to feature so prominently.

  • £20 could give a child or their parent access to lifesaving health teaching
  • £152 could cover the cost of a winter pack for a family of 6; blankets & mattresses, warm clothing, a heater and 2 rugs
  • £55 could cover the cost of providing desperately needed provisions to a refugee family like Abu Hussein’s for a month.

Join us

If you and your church know God is calling you to respond to the refugee crisis, pledge your support to Heart for Lebanon and our other partners in the region.


  • Pray for protection, comfort and strength for all those who are facing persecution, and for the hope of a future.
  • Pray that the church in Lebanon can help bring healing and forgiveness where there is anger and discrimination.
  • Pray that Heart for Lebanon can build lasting relationships with refugees that can lead to longer term transformation.

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