World Relief Cambodia

A spirit-led church planting movement bringing hope and transformation throughout Cambodia.

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Why we're working there

Cambodia is a country scarred by a turbulent history. Genocide still leaves its mark, and with rising inequality across Asia pushing existing tensions even further, poor communities are more vulnerable than ever.

This rise in inequality has been accompanied by a spiritual decay throughout Cambodia.

As globalisation in Asia brings with it an increased drive for status and wealth, people’s attention is drawn away from the search for spiritual depth and healthy community.

World Relief are working through local churches to mobilise individuals to respond to community problems with biblical messages and solutions. These churches demonstrate the love of Christ in tangible ways and provide hope in their communities.

The aims of the project


World relief know that the local church has the power to change the world. Their passion, rootedness in the community, commitment to relationships and spiritual hope mean that they can be tremendous agents of transformation.

A movement of cell churches is growing in Cambodia, mobilising individuals to respond to community problems with biblical messages and solutions through the Chet Tai Muay process.

Chet Tai Muay means one heart, and is a dynamic way of helping local churches work together with their community in addressing needs using their own resources.

Groups are planted with the support of World Relief Cambodia to become Christ’s seed for developing and transforming communities. As each church grows a new church is planted, these hope communities are multiplied and lives are changed.


For people to flourish they must feel stable and secure. The recent changes to the economic and political climate in Cambodia have made migration from poorer communities into the cities more alluring due to more opportunities to find work.

Increased migration means poor communities lack stability and cohesion, and long-term solutions become impossible to implement. World relief work to make staying in these communities more sustainable. Through savings groups, they strengthen economic stability and provide a safe space for community learning and development.

Project impact

World Relief Cambodia know that long-term investment into a community is key.

They are aiming for 2500 new cell-churches to be planted to provide the fertile soil for holistic community development.

Of these, they hope for 1000 to be entirely self-sufficient, with leaders empowered to take full responsibility for their church.

Alongside this World Relief Cambodia are looking to start 200 new savings groups which will teach 4000 people how to use their money well, bringing practical as well as spiritual hope.

What will it cost?

  • £85 could provide the training and expertise to facilitate a savings groups, helping people manage their money in fellowship with other people in the community.
  • £235 could help set up ten cell-churches by providing all the resources and materials needed. Each cell-church has life transforming potential.
  • £4675 could facilitate discipleship training for cell-church leaders is five provinces, giving the foundations for strong, healthy community churches.

Join us

World Relief Cambodia are dedicated to serving the poorest and most vulnerable in Cambodia.

With the support of churches like yours we can come alongside them, providing prayerful and financial support.

We believe the local church is the hope of the world and this is what we are seeing in cambodia.

God is on the move bringing his kingdom rule, and it is our privilege to partner with him as he transforms a nation.

Joy Blundell , Alive Church Lincoln, a WRC Connected Church

7580 Lives Changed
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