Special greetings to you in the name of our soon coming Lord Jesus Christ.

We always give thanks to the Almighty God for allowing us to join with you, fellow saints, in sharing the love of Christ with the marginalised, hurting and the lost members of our community. Your prayers and intercession which are continually offered on our behalf make us grow strong in Christ despite the challenges we face. For all your unwavering support that is financial, material and spiritual is much appreciated. We say thank you so much. 

May the Almighty God and father of Our Lord Jesus richly bless you.


In March, Zimbabwe experienced torrential rainfall and high winds as a result of Cyclone Idai. More than 300 lives were lost, and many others injured. Homes and livelihoods were destroyed, with an estimated 160,000 people displaced, and 250,000 affected overall.

A man looks across at the remains of a building destroyed by Cyclone Idai
The damage caused by Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani. (Photo: Tearfund/ZOE)

ZOE’s church partners in Chimanimani played a key role in the local response. During the disaster they helped bring people to safety. With the support of a ZOE coordinator their church leaders began mobilising their resources. They opened their church buildings and the homes of their members to those needing shelter. They provided people with food, clothes and water. And they continue working closely with those who are dealing with the trauma of what happened, offering psychosocial support.

In Bulawayo, the ZOE team’s partnership with local churches helped around 150 families. Churches distributed essentials including; solar lamps, stoves, blankets, clothes and food - and for school children, uniforms and stationery.

As a result of their work both during and after the disaster, churches have become more visible in their communities. They have even been nationally recognised - for their efforts supporting community development and their work mitigating against the effects of disaster. 

This work includes starting up community and family support groups to give people space to talk. Whilst the Church and Community Mobilisation process continues is helping restore people’s livelihoods.

Pastor Moyo from Bulawayo offering cyclone survivors words of encouragement
A Pastor from Bulawayo offering cyclone survivors words of encouragement. (Photo: Tearfund/ZOE)


As people work hard on restoring their livelihoods, many across Zimbabwe are again experiencing drought this year.

The Matebeland region has been most affected. Here underground water sources are reported to be drying up. Households are walking long distances in search of water, and each are allocated a limit of 40 litres a day. 

Many are in urgent need of food for themselves and for their animals. Whilst, with little land for grazing, some are having to sell their livestock at low prices. 

Sadly the lack of rainfall, is also hampering people’s efforts to start new initiatives. Initiatives which in the long term could help increase people’s health and incomes - such as planting market gardens that would provide families with food.

In the areas of Mashonaland and Manicaland however, the excess rainfall brought by Cyclone Idai is causing food insecurity too. 

In total, over 5 million are in need of food assistance. 


  • Please pray for ZOE as they continue serving orphans and the most vulnerable.
  • Pray that churches and communities continue finding ways to work together to provide support to families wherever it is needed most.
  • As people continue to feel the effects of Cyclone Idai, and experience drought, pray that the nation is able to ensure enough food for everyone. Without enough rainfall, it is expected that 
  • about 70 per cent of the population will become food insecure before the end of the year. 
  • Please pray for an improvement in the economy. As the government looks to introduce local currency, pray it gains power and becomes sustainable. Pray these will be changes which really benefit the country.

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