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Eagles Relief and Development

This month we have three community stories of transformation, showing the real life impact of Eagles work:

Fresh water at last

’Mothers and children will no longer be waking up early in the morning to go out to fetch fresh water for drinking as it has been the case in this village for ages. People will now have the pleasure of drawing freshwater within Jasi village,’
Group Village Headman, Jasi.

Access to clean and portable water has been a long-term challenge for Jasi village. Whilst many other villages have at least one source of fresh water, Jasi have none. This means the women here travelling long distances each day to carry fresh water back to their families.

Village headman at the start of borehole construction
Village headman at the start of borehole constructio

Eagles have tried to drill four boreholes in the past, but each time there was only salty, undrinkable water. Working with Strathclyde University, a plan was made to drill a borehole 1KM from the village, moving away from the salty area.

And there was success – freshwater at last! Soon the borehole will be finished and many lives changed.

The Group Village Headman explains, ’This is a dream come true that now we can have this borehole with fresh water. Mothers will now have time to be with their family and community’.

New seasons

Stanley is 64 years old, and is married with three children to feed. He tells his story here:

Stanley and his son with their crops
Stanley and his son with their crops

’I was blessed to receive some Millet and Sorghum seeds from Eagles. Last farming season we did not harvest well due to Fall Army Worms eating our crops. Despite months of hard work, we had nothing to show for it. So when Eagles gave us the seeds, we were so grateful.

‘As you can see my from my photograph my crops have had success, I am expecting to harvest 8 bags (weighing 50 kg each) from both Millet and Sorghum.

’During this most recent farming season we have had the huge challenge of unreliable rains. However, because of the high quality seeds that we were given, we have managed to grow such healthy crops.

I would like to thank Eagles for bringing this project to our area because this will help not only my family but many people who participated in the project. My children will no longer go to school with an empty stomach, and I will be able to participate in other developmental initiatives in our village.’

Saved from Cholera

‘In the past nobody would use chlorine in my village, we thought it was bad because of its strong smell. That was until Eagles conducted awareness meetings in all the villages and explained how it can make water safe to drink. We don’t even notice the strong smell anymore!,” explains Alya*.

Alya is 52, married and currently lives with her 3 children and grandchildren.

Alya holding chlorine water solution
Alya holding chlorine water solution

’We have seen a big reduction of diarrhea and other water borne diseases both in the whole village. Eagles also gave us chlorine so now everyone in the village is treating their water with chlorine and we have healthy family members.’

There is currently cholera outbreak in some districts of Malawi, but all the villages where Eagles work have not been affected. Eagles is encouraging community members to use chlorine to avoid water borne diseases.

*Names changed to protect identity

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