The River Of God Is Full Of Water

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We continue to rejoice with the communities we are working with for the love shown by your generosity in supporting the work of the this ministry.

The Brethren In Christ Church staff have continued to visit the communities where boreholes have been drilled. We visit to monitor the committees who are looking after the boreholes, to make sure they are fulfilling their duties well, and support them if they have any problems.

Masiye and Zita
Zita and her husband Masiye by their new borehole


In the village of Mulamani where we have already formed several Savings Groups, we followed up by drilling another borehole in May. Don’t forget to read the story of Zita from Mulamani, a grandmother who was walking over an hour for water, and hear the difference a borehole has made to her life.

We also machine-drilled three more boreholes; one in Masonsa Community, the other in Chisembwa village, and the final one in the Nazibbula Community.

It is so encouraging to think of how many people will now have clean water thanks to these boreholes! Please do rejoice with us and with these communities.

‘You visit the earth and water it,

you greatly enrich it;

the river of God is full of water;

you provide the people with grain,

for so you have prepared it.’

Psalm 65:9

In places that were unsuitable for a machine drilled borehole, we have explored a variety of solutions in the last few months. In Chilongo village we dug and covered an open well and installed a rope pump. In Mochipapam, near the town of Choma, we hand drilled a borehole and installed a rope pump in a well there.


  • Pray with us for the General Elections being held on 11th August 2016. If all goes well we will elect a President, as well as a new National Assembly
  • Pray with us for the many communities who in need of clean water, that we would have the resources to help them
  • Pray for the savings groups, that they would be diligent in their saving and see the fruit from their hard work and sacrifice
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Ginwell Yooma

Ginwell Yooma works for the Brethren in Christ Church in Zambia